Our whitepaper highlighted the current challenges of new start-ups in the cryptocurrency domain. The high failure rate of start-ups requires a solution with proof of sustainability beyond the underpinning technology of a coin and the funding stage of launching the coin. The Freedom Coin addresses the need for sustainable long term returns to the crypto-community through a decentralised TFC Product, providing returns to the TFC crypto-community over the long term. The structure of the solution provides a governed approach through a unique voting system protecting the interests of the TFC crypto-community and the sustainability of The Freedom Coin. The solution aims to provide increased piece of mind to the cryptocurrency community within the volatile environment.

Within the cryptocurrency domain a need exist to provide sustainable value beyond the underlying technology. The structure of TFC solution allows a governed approach through a voting process by Masternode Holders. The provision of Value Added Product Services promotes longer term sustainability of the coin and consistent returns to Masternode Holders.

The Freedom Coin provides endeavours to serve you and address known deficiency in the current cryptocurrency domain.

Welcome to the TFC portal


TFC Masternode Holders can participate in the governance of TFC by voting. TFC Masternode Holders also have access to additional value added product services and the platform will promote transparency and facilitate informed decision making.

  • Access to cryptocurrency trading, signals and order books
  • Initial Coin Offering (ICO) research and investment.
  • Social responsibility through the support of charitable organisations or causes.
  • TFC and cryptocurrency mining.
  • Other investments within the crypto currency domain that proves viable.